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Chicken Breeds

Chicken Houses Yorkshire, Chicken Sales, Supply & Advice

If you are looking for Chicken Sales and Chicken Supplies in Yorkshire, a craftsman made Chicken House from a Yorkshire supplier, or a robust Chicken Coop from Yorkshire based Chicken Experts, please get in touch with Mick Goodison of Micks Chicks. Mick is a Chicken expert in Yorkshire, and has designed a well-built range of Chicken Houses and Chicken Coops. Mick is happy for anyone who is interested to visit him at his Wakefield Chicken Sales and Supplies base. If you are interested in advice about Chicken Sales or Chicken Supplies, or seeing the Chicken Houses and Chicken Coops in Wakefield, Mick is also giving special offers to clients who visit him in person, so please contact him to find out more.

Micks Chicks make ideal pets, and are fun for all of the family. They are easy to keep, requiring only a clean chicken coop with daily fresh food and water. In return they provide you with fresh eggs all year round and a constant supply of chicken manure which is an excellent garden fertiliser. As a result, keeping chickens is a fantastic hobby that practically pays for itself.

For a full starter package consisting of:

  • Chicken Coop
  • Chicken Food
  • Drinker & Feeder
  • Wood Shavings

Plus of course the all-important chickens, contact Mick now, or click here to see our special offers.

For all orders within a 15 mile radius of Wakefield, we are pleased to offer free delivery!

So if you are interested in keeping chickens, and need chicken sales, chicken supplies, or want to find out more about the best Chicken Houses and Chicken Coops in Yorkshire, please contact Micks Chicks today!

Fertlised Eggs For Sale

  • Buff Orpingtons
  • Black Orpingtons
  • Blue Orpingtons
  • Chocolate Orpingtons
  • Silver Laced Wyandotte
  • Gold Laced Wyandotte
  • Silkies
  • Vorwerks

Hotel For Chickens

Are you going on holiday, why not bring your chickens to us while you are away.


"Picked up our 3 chickens on Monday evening, now Wednesday and already got 4 eggs, our ladies are nothing but impressive! My children are absolutely delighted and have spent all their spare time chatting away to our new assets."

"Thank you so much for adding character, interest and bountiful eggs to our garden."

Julie Downes, Scholes, Leeds

"Just to let you know that the 6 chickens we got from you have settled in lovely.They love the garden and we have had eggs every day since we got them. They all have names and have even made friends with our jack Russel. They are giving us hours of fun and we are now watching far less telly.!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Paul & Joy, Crofton

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for today. You were so accommodating, allowing us to see the chickens within an hour of our phone call! We are smitten already with the 3 chickens! Although our little boy is a bit unsure, our daughter (6), is thrilled and so excited! She has named them Chicken, Tikka and Masala! I can assure you they will be well loved and very well cared for. Thank you so much for everything."

Natalie and Carl